Rahbaran Holds Cost Accounting Training Seminar

August 16, 2015
In line with the warm and unique welcome of esteemed customers of training seminars previously held by the Shomaran System Rahbaran Company on Warehouse System, Commodity, and Payroll software, the company announced that it is preparing to hold another training seminar in the field of Cost Accounting on October 30, 2015. According to Mr. Ghaderi, the Business and Administrative Deputy of Rahbaran Company, who is responsible for implementation of the seminar, the Cost Accounting seminar is considered to be one of the most attractive and popular seminars of this company; and with regard to the conditions of recent years and the sensitivity of manufacturing companies to costing and cost price of goods in production and sell processes, the attractiveness has increased as well. One of the most important points of the seminar is the holding of it by Mr. Lotfi, the Deployment & Support Deputy of Rahbaran Company, who will present the best practices in this area. The areas covered by the seminar are as follows:
• The importance of Cost Accounting Management with respect to the opportunities and threats of production system in Iran
• Analyzing the results and achievements of Cost Accounting for each order and product
• Cost Accounting Management in the present and past
• Estimation of the cost price prior to the production
• Analysis of cost accounting and production deviations
• Training the analysis of cost accounting according to the production reports
• Describing the Cost Allocation mechanisms based on different allocations with various bases in allocation
• Profit-and-loss analysis of each product
The other advantage of this seminar is the presence of financial managers, experts and scholars, which improves the level of executive experiences in this area.