The Agency department of Shomaran System Company, to achieve success, seeks to attract active and motivated representatives across the country to overtake rivals, expand market share, create unexplored markets and achieve customer satisfaction.

• What features should agents of Shomaran System Company have?
• To what extent are the Shomaran System Company's agents familiar with products, customers and target markets of this company?


Classification of Shomaran System Company's agents
1- Official and Legal Agents: A company, as the legal representative of Shomaran System Company, to which is granted the company's sales concession. 

2- True Agents: True Agent is referred to a natural person granted the company's sales concession and can only introduce customers demanding Shomaran System's software to this company.
3- Exclusive Agents: they consist of active agents who have been selected as the exclusive agents of Shomaran System Company in each province based on their features, performance, sales potential, cooperation, and loyalty. 
4- International Agents





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