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About Shomaran
Shomaran System Company started its activity in 1984 and today with thousands of customers in various industries and owning the most complete and diverse type of comprehensive and integrated software is considered as one of the leading companies in Iran ICT. The company has invested in developing BPMS and ERP-based products since 2006. On the other hand, considering the appropriate export and economic conditions available, new horizons have been opened towards providing and releasing ICT products in international markets. The policy of Shomaran System Company is to apply modern technologies and implement research projects. The company, following the policy, has been successful to be listed among the knowledge-based companies.
Shomaran Group
Shomaran Group provides specialized enterprise products and solutions in various industries. This holding company with an effective experience in developing the information technology of Iran, constitutes the largest family business group of the country as follows:
- Atiye Shomaran System Company: the investor and management of the holding
- Shomaran System Company: developing integrated financial, administrative, trading, and manufacturing software
- Shomaran Accounting and Auditing Institution: providing financial and accounting services
- Rahbaran Shomaran System Company: training, supervision, implementation, deployment, and support
- Shomaran Tech System: exporting software to international markets
ShAuto, the masterpiece of Iranian software in international arena
ShAuto is the BPMS (Business Process Management Software) of Shomaran System which has been integrated with the DMS (Document Management Software) of this company. In fact, ShAuto is a powerful tool in the hands of managers and decision-makers of organizations to apply it for effective management of organizational processes. The software has been evaluated by TEC (Technology Evaluation Centers) Company in Canada. It should be noted that Shomaran System is the first Iranian company that has succeeded to obtain this certificate.
The achievements of implementing ShAuto

Using ShAuto software, the process of achieving strategic objectives envisaged by organizations is facilitated so that management decisions can be applied timely. On the other hand, ShAuto software makes it possible to integrate different software of an organization. Eventually, using ShAuto software, organizations, in addition to making their business processes agile, can reduce costs, increase revenues, and improve their efficiency. Also, the use of ShAuto leads to customers satisfaction, because managers can easily assess the performance of organization's units, users and ultimately the entire organization. The other advantage of ShAuto is that the software is highly flexible to changes and provides timely and appropriate responses. Accordingly, using this software, managers can identify the key and problematic parts of the organization and plan to control or meet their effects.
Products & Solutions
• Pishtaz Comprehensive & Integrated Software: developed for large and medium-sized industrial and commercial manufacturing companies with more than 60 subsystems in accounting, financing, production, HR , CRM , procurement , management , commercial, supplying, distributing etc....
• ShAuto BPMS-DMS (Business Processes Management System + Document Management Software) that is robust and practical management solution useable for all companies and also is a software developer tool to meet solution developer's needs.
• The ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning): developed to make business processes intelligent in all kind of organizations.