BPMS (Business Processes Management Software) is a management strategy which is capable of being implemented in a sophisticated way using the tools produced by the Shomaran System Company. Tools embedded in this software help managers of organizations observe all processes and events of the system and manage them if needed. Reports provided by this system can be used to realize the strategic decisions of the organization.
It is obvious that the more powerful the tools and analyses carried out by the system are, the more robust, accurate and practical the reports of the system will be; and as a result, managers can save time and money through processes management and configure the organizational system in the best possible way. This software can identify bottlenecks in different business processes such as demand, production, purchase and sale ones and provide managers with appropriate information to modify and change bottlenecks. For example, this system helps to extract and enhance the speed of supply and purchase in the supply chain and purchase process; because any delay in this process causes the failure to timely production and delivery of the product or raw materials needed by the organization. Due to enjoying features such as advanced settings, power of change, and a multilingual environment, the software can be easily implemented and run in any foreign or domestic company to make business processes intelligent. Accordingly, by taking into account the features and capabilities of this software, it can be considered as a good choice to be exported to other countries. The BPMS software has been designed and produced according to the latest technologies in the world. There are many companies where the BPMS software has been implemented and run so far, which shows the success of this software in producing infrastructures, approaches, thoughts, and analytical instruments and thereby it is expected the software to be used widely in the future.


editing workflows and business processes graphically.The BPMS of Shomaran is able to define various workflows by identifying the needs and trends of processes and considering appropriate timing for the implementation of tasks. Using workflows the processes of the organization can be implemented simply and automatically step by step. Accordingly, it will be possible to specify and control the responsibilities and duties of individuals in the organization.The BPMS of Shomaran also enjoys another impressive feature called "Intelligent Workflow" which is used to define the processes of intelligent identification. According to this process, users can intelligently and automatically select their desired people for doing the work based on the parameters available in the organization, such as skills, presence, order, workloads, etc.; in other words, the process can receive all parameters of the user in an intelligent and relational model and include them in the main process to be selected by the user.



full definition of processes, connecting the organizational chart to the process, ...
The Workflow Designer is an efficient tool to graphically design the processes of the organization step by step and easily allocate responsibilities and duties of the people in the organization to these steps based on the organizational charts and procedures.


managing, generating, and editing types of office and operational forms and their circulations based on the workflows
Form Builder tool provides users with the capability of easily generating electronic forms to record activities. In addition, it is possible to edit and search the forms made by this tool. Among the different types of forms and data fields created, managed, and edited, it can be pointed to cases such as text boxes, multiline text boxes, labels, date, time, and passwords. System Builder is an advanced tool which defines the relations between the forms in addition to defining the forms based on their information. The connection of the System Builder tool to the workflow environment enables the system to be used in the organization on a process-oriented basis.


Providing the circulation of the main and operational forms of the organization in the inbox of Staff
This product of Shomaran System Company has provided the possibility of connecting the Pouya Comprehensive & Integrated Software (in financial, management, office, human resources, business, supply chain, manufacturing, and engineering domains) to Shomaran Office Automation Software. Using the Process-oriented Converter Software, main and operational forms of the organization can be circulated in the inbox of staff. For example, the form of Demand Note is automatically converted to Authority for Payment and then Payment Form after being confirmed. This project has already been implemented and utilized.