Rahbaran Company (the after-sales serviceof Shomaran System Company)

The Shomaran System Rahbaran Company was founded in 2008 as an independent company to provide specialized after-sales service and increase customer satisfaction with the Shomaran System Company. Some of the most important services provided by the Rahbaran Company for customers are as follows:
1- Training software
2- Overseeing software implementation and setup
3- Providing consultation services for customers
4- Providing on-site technical support
5- Providing off-site technical support including telephone answering and other online services
6- Network support
Currently, more than 60 people are working in various units of this company. In recent years, the Rahbaran Company has held many seminars in the field of Shomaran System’s software and attempted to inform the customers about the latest features added to the software and its most recent designs with respect to the changes in business environment as well as the scientific development of the desired area. In these seminars, valid diplomas have been presented to staff, customers, and other participants. In addition to training the latest software achievements and developments of business environment and knowledge to customers, the company has tried to significantly increase the level of staff knowledge through holding intensive training courses within the company. Also, the company has been able to effectively upgrade and ensure the quality of services provided by staff through granting valid diplomas and certificates to them.
On the other hand, in the past years, the establishment of the Quality Assurance Unit and upgrading it to the Inspection and Quality Deputy has helped the company continuously monitor the quality level of provided services. In fact, the Rahbaran Company, through a long-term work and a sustainable culture-building, has made efforts to imprint the client image in the minds of staff, because it is believed that the customer as a business partner has common interests with the company. Accordingly, this approach has led to a close, intimate and tight relationship between employees of Rahbaran, employers, and directors of the two organizations. That’s why the senior managers of Rahbaran Company have repeatedly said to the directors of other organizations of the Shomaran System that they would like to be considered as the Shomaran System’s staff.
Understanding the relationship and continuity of interests between the organization providing services and the employer organization is an effective way to increase the speed and quality of services. The increased sales of the Shomaran System Company has caused the range of companies receiving services from the Rahbaran Company to grow dramatically and it is expected the number of Rahbaran’s employees to increase to 120 people during the next 18 months.
Considering the rapid growth of Shomaran System's companies, it is expected the Rahbaran Company to be divided into several separate companies so that each company provides services for a particular set of customers. For this purpose, currently, the Education, Deployment and Support units of this company has been divided into five working groups, in each of which
experts in the fields of IT, network, accounting, etc. are working so that each independently as a separate organization can respond to the needs of their customers. These five groups are: Pishro, Pishtaz, Kara, Rahkar, and BPMS. Also, in the past years, to help senior managers easily use the reports obtained from the software, the company has organized special training courses for them.
On the other hand, to make students and job seekers familiar with the software suite developed by the Shomaran System, the Rahbaran Company has organized training courses in various educational institutions and granted the relevant and necessary certificates and diplomas to the participants, among the most important of which it can be pointed to the Applied Accounting training courses held in Tehran Institute of Technology and Jihad Daneshgahi.
Periodic inspections and technical information checklists are the other service provided by the Rahbaran company that has been tremendously greeted by customers in recent years. Currently, elite accountants with full mastery over the management accounting concepts and valuable experiences in this field are working in the implementation units of this company, which has enabled the company to provide efficient services in the field of industrial accounting. Such a human potential along with the absolute advantage of the Pooya Software in cost accounting, which according to many experts and scholars, significantly differs from similar tools offered by rivals, has converted the Rahbaran Company into a top company in the field of cost accounting and other implications related to the management accounting.