Accounting software

Accounting software intelligently and automatically transforms actions taken by other software into accounting documentation. One of the highlights of this program is the recognition of account headings and simultaneous registration with operations. The coding of accounts and financial statements complies entirely with accounting and auditing standards.

The operations performed by other software are automatically and intelligently converted into accounting documents due to the recognition of account headings and simultaneous registration with the operations. All functions adhere to a single system because the coding of accounts and financial statements complies with accounting and auditing requirements.



Treasury Software


The treasury software oversees the settlement and collection of claims through the receiving money operation, regulates expenses, and monitors the timely fulfillment of the organization’s commitments through the payment operation.
It assists the organization in planning and controlling its liquidity position by speeding up the operating process, reducing repeating and bulky registrations, and giving various data on the organization’s liquidity condition, resources, and related expenses.


Wages and salaries

The payroll software defines the salary payment system according to the organization and in compliance with the standards and rules by utilizing the parametric formulation, and it is flexible against changes in the laws and regulations due to its parametric nature.

The payment system comprises benefits such as basic salary, overtime, recruitment rights, and so on, and deductions are based on the Tax Affairs Organization and the Social Security Organization’s variable tables. Furthermore, the outputs defined in this software, such as the insurance and tax files, as well as the bank file, make it easier to respond to relevant legal authorities.



Software for warehouse accounting

By maintaining the cost of items in currency and Riyal, the warehouse accounting software integrates the processes of providing goods and services on an integrated platform. Additionally, it prices the goods by applying the weighted average approach and automatically identifying the product’s specific characteristics.