ERP software is an application system that streamlines the operations of an organization. Companies are being compelled to compete in worldwide markets due to the growing trend of globalization and increased competition in global markets, and to do so, it appears important to be prepared in a variety of ways. ERP solutions are key tools of information and communication technology that play an important role in the integration of information and operations in institutions and, ultimately, offer the foundation for entering global markets through the use of special facilities.
These approaches have the capacity to integrate existing organizational systems and processes and make them accessible as a single database. ERP software systems are complete software packages that aid in integrating all corporate activities and functional domains. The Shomaran-System company developed and produced the organization’s resource planning software in a thorough and integrated manner. This program is the result of more than 30 years of development and application of Shomaran-System software in thousands of companies and associations.

Advantages of Shomaran ERP software (ShAuto)

Features of ShAuto ERP

Financial Management

The procedures carried out by other software are automated by accounting software, and…

Supply Chain Management

Management of warehouse procedures and real-time identification of material, semi-finished, and product inventories is one of the critical needs of managers who…

Customer management

The user can view the actual inventory and accounting information at the moment of generating the sales invoice thanks to the integration of sales with warehouse, treasury, and…

Asset management

The price of fixed assets, depreciation, scrapping, transfer, etc., as well as automatic registration and adjustment activities, among other calculations.

Human resources management

the parametric definition of the judgment criteria, the application of group alterations in compliance with rules and regulations or organizational requirements, as well as…

Production management

Product structure based on BOM material consumption, time measurement, machine working hours, and waste production criteria…

Accounting management

In order to plan and manage the company’s operations, managers rely on actual cost accounting reports.

Industrial automation

Manufacturing and trading companies to increase the accuracy and speed up the identification of goods in the processes of purchase, production, sale, etc.

Business intelligence

By defining key indicators, it presents reports graphically and analytically, and managers can get valuable statistics from…

BPMS Business Process Management

Workflow management is an essential component of the BPMS software, which transmits electronic letters, references, etc.

Office automation and DMS document management

By establishing numerous portals, the Shomaran secretariat software enables letter receiving and letter transmitting. All the letters with…