Human resources management

Human resources department

It is also possible to maintain comprehensive data on employees and their records by defining the judgment elements parametrically and making group adjustments in line with the earnings statement or the unique requirements of companies.
Issuance of all types of orders and contracts individually and in groups, as well as automatic issuance of corrective orders, with the goal of meeting the needs of medium and large organizations with high complexity in the payment system, enables the organization to manage orders and personnel contracts effectively while reducing costs, eliminating redundancies, and increasing accuracy.


Organizational structure management

Registering and displaying the organizational chart, as well as its connection with the organization’s personnel, allows the user to use the organizational chart to assign commissions to higher positions in different parts, particularly the calculation of sales agent commissions in distribution and delivery software.


Employee performance management

One of the purposes of this software is to collect information on employee performance and report on their productivity. This software allows you to create work agendas for staff and non-production employees and evaluate their efficiency to their actual performance. One of the software’s key advantages is the ability to schedule staff on a monthly and daily basis. The value of the organization’s numerous activities is measured by the time sheets of the employees, and the actual cost of each activity is the infrastructure cost of the projects.