Office Automation Software

Keeping records of official correspondences to facilitate the access and timely response to business and non-business partners has always been regarded as one of the most complex affairs in every organization and, despite the today’s communicational advancements, the problem has multiplied widely across private and governmental organizations.

The Shomaran Office Automation Software is a powerful tool at the disposal of organizational managers to provide them with particular capabilities and features in a bid to realize the concept of paperless offices. This software allows managers to access their letters and referrals and control all the organizational processes from anywhere and at any moment without the need for physical presence in the organization. This software is compatible and capable of integration with the other workflow tools by Shomaran Co. The form-maker tool can be conveniently used to design official and organization forms and, additionally, the workflow tool can be used to define the workflow of these forms. The forms automatically start their workflow and pass through different stages of completion based on the organizational structure and/or the defined path through the cartable (dashboard).

Advantages of Shomaran Office Automation software:

Benefits of Shomaran Office Automation software:

Features of Automation Office Software

Organizational chart:

Defining multiple independent organizational charts and specifying the relationship between them, defining non-organizational users, etc.


Defining various centralized and semi-centralized secretariats, creating secretariats for the subordinate organizations in a database.

Keeping The secretariat of the Shomaran Office Automation System has been developed to improve user experience, acceleration registration of letters, and timely response to business and non-business partners. By speeding up the office affairs, this system increases the reliability and accuracy to prevent waste of time and mix up of documents as well as to optimally store and record the data.
The Shomaran Secretariat registers and circulates all the organizational documents electronically without the need for physical movement of letters. Images of the original letters and/or any other type of documents are electronically archived in this system.

Cartable (dashboard):

Allows referral of each task to different individuals, provides users with access to all their assigned tasks, etc.

The cartable is the environment in which different users, including managers and experts, view and follow up on their current tasks and affairs. The Shomaran Cartable is provided to all inter-organizational users and beneficiaries (including consultants, contractors, and suppliers), allowing them to catch up on their current tasks and affairs in the easiest scenario possible.
The flow of correspondences and referrals in the Shomaran Cartable is based on organizational charts and procedures. Moreover, personnel information such as monthly working hours and received and sent emails can be viewed in this cartable.


Archiving of correspondences, after going through their routine procedure, based on the access level, unarchiving, and re-archiving.

In every organization, the results of designs, activities and taken measures, and internal and inter-organizational correspondences pile up and add to office records day by day in the form of documents. These documents contain valuable information and experiences and act as an important management tool in making of decisions. Hence, the documents should be managed and classified such that quick access to them is possible. Additionally, care must be taken in the keeping of documents in order to reduce the costs and facilitate the referral of users to these documents when needed. The archiving capability of the Shomaran Office Automation Software enables quick and easy retrieval of information from files and correspondences to conduct office affairs and efficiently respond to customer requests.

Appointments and reminders:

Registering and viewing important appointments and meetings to notify users (filterable by day, month, and year).

CEO of companies and organizations usually have to check with a secretary to be informed of the organizational procedures and scheduling of work appointments and meetings to prevent overlapping of meeting date or time. Moreover, all personnel (or the relevant ones) should be notified of an already set appointment. These problems have been addressed in the Shomaran Office Automation System through an appropriate systematic approach for setting of work appointments and meetings. Users can check out their appointments and reminders to be informed of their daily or weekly schedule and prepare for timely completion of their tasks or attending meetings.

Sending and receiving messages:

Sending, receiving, and archiving messages from all users regardless of the organizational hierarchy.

Contacts information:

Registering phone numbers along with names and complementary information in different categories

Work Calendar:

Defining intra-organizational calendar for holidays and occasions, and the ability to change the calendar type to Solar Hijri, Gregorian, and Lunar Hijri.

Knowledge Management:

Defining knowledge management forms as desired by the users, and setting off the flow of the generated forms in the workflow environment.

To reach their goals, organizations use a collective knowledge set comprised of that in the mind of every single one of their personnel. Hence, pioneer organizations attempt to collect the hidden knowledge of their personnel and workgroups. Knowledge management in organizations helps promote a culture of sharing among its employees. Although gainable by different individuals, knowledge should be shared between all group members to prove useful. The Shomaran Office Automation Software provides the infrastructure for implementing knowledge management.
Management of documents and papers: Defining the specifications and input fields of each document using the form-maker tool, and designable document workflow by the user.
The Shomaran Office Automation Software is capable of managing organizational documents and papers. This feature allows classifying and editing documents, as well as viewing the edited versions of documents with ease while maintaining a tight security.

Image Gallery:

Ability to define albums with different view access levels and assigning different set of images to each album.

Announcement board:

Bulleting board: Ability to create, edit, and classify the news and information published on the bulletin board.
The features provided by the bulletin board in the Shomaran Office Automation Software allows the administrative office to make necessary announcements through the board in the simplest and quickest way possible.

Web and windows-based user interface (UI): Accessing and following up on the letters and referrals from anywhere at any time without the need for physical presence in the organization.
The Shomaran Office Automation System can be run both under windows and browsers (web-based UI). As its unique feature, the software provides a simple UI which is accessible both through a featured windows application and a web user interface in any browser. The design of the UI in both environments is very similar and there is no need for the users to learn two different user environments.

Monitoring organizational activities (business activity monitoring (BAM)):

Defining standard durations for each activity, etc.

Converting management information systems (MIS) into process systems:

The infrastructure for flow of operating and main organizational forms in the employees’ cartable.

The Shomaran Office Automation Software is capable of connecting to MIS. As its unique feature, this software is capable of connecting to the dynamic integrated and comprehensive software (in financial, administrative, commercial, production, and engineering fields) as well as other MIS. This feature allows turning the model of the MIS from a static one to a process, dynamic one and produce various reports for managers. The results are then transferred to the connected system.

Process design tool:

Defining processes in their entirety, connecting organizational chart to the process, and defining the operating mechanism of each activity inside the system.

The process design tool by Shomaran allows graphical, step-by-step design of organizational processes, such that the responsibility and duty of members in the organization are allocated to these steps based on the organizational charts and procedures.