Production planning software

Product structure

Production standards are defined by product structure based on BOM material usage, time measurement, machine hours, and waste. Additionally, it offers the needed management controls in the production department through BOM material consumption, FPC flow process diagram, OPC operation process diagram, and actual production operation.

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Due to the integrated link between production and the production line’s warehouses, both the production line’s receipt and remittance can be recorded simultaneously with the production performance. In addition, as soon as the performance is registered, the line balances are adjusted.
While providing numerous reports for the attentive monitoring of managers, the registration of production performance and its comparison with manufacturing engineering standards, as well as the state of semi-finished items and products, also identifies financial data related to the actual cost.


Quality control

In order to control the imported items and the production process, the important quality characteristics of the products are carried out in this software, and its integrated connection with the warehouse and production facilitates the recording of the results for the samples taken and makes the control of the entry of materials, semi-finished products, and matching products into the warehouse more accurate.

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Manufacturing goods for the employer

The creation of a virtual cardEx of materials at the time of receipt, as well as the control of potential deviations in material receipt and product delivery, is traceable based on the manufacturing formula, and financial information is recorded in real-time with an integrated connection to the financial.


Planning the manufacturing

One of the most important success factors in any manufacturing organization is the schedule and sequence of operations for optimizing the production process. The production schedule decreases capital accumulation in the form of materials, semi-finished products, and final goods. On the other side, decreasing waste and reducing or eliminating the idleness of machinery results in timely delivery of customer orders as well as timely supply of raw materials and essential parts. Shomaran’s manufacturing planning software is a tool for scheduling and deciding the priority order for carrying out production processes in the most efficient manner.

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Projects have a different structure than daily work because they are diverse and non-repetitive; therefore, project management is always more difficult than daily operations and requires more attention to different and variable aspects of the work. Organizational knowledge develops through using this information over time and implementing it in multiple projects.

Shomaran System’s project management software employs project planning and control ideas. This software has evolved into a strong tool for gathering, analyzing, and refining raw project data, as well as producing basic and analyzed information required by managers.